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The quick & dirty guide to wedding planning.

So, you’re looking to begin your journey to the day you say, “I do.”  Congratulations, you are about to embark upon a wonderful experience.  There will be fun occasions, and stressful ones too.  Because 85% of couples are getting married for the first time they’ve never experienced planning for something like this, and who wants to read a whole book on how to plan and prepare for your wedding?  Also, where do you start?  With that in mind we decided

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What does a real DJ do exactly?

I know what you’re thinking.  DJs play music!  Ok, you’re right, but only partially right. There seems to be a huge misconception that has been growing over the past few years about what a DJ does, or at the very least, what they are supposed to do.  If you only think about it for 10 seconds when asked, “What does a DJ do?” 99 out of 100 people will say play music, have cool lights, and make remixes.  That’s your 10 second

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New Rig

We are proud to announce a new way for us to setup to add that extra “oomph” to your reception.  Therefore, we’d like to take this moment to share with all of our followers, and future customers what they may have to look forward to.   Before you look at the following pictures know a few things: We can only use this rig under certain conditions.  One of those is that your venue must allow us 3 hours for setup,

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Top 5 Ways to Control Cost and stick to your budget.

When it comes to wedding planning 85% of couples are doing it for the first time.  Some couples are lucky and happen to have close friends who are able to help with their planning, and some couples don’t have that advantage.  Planning can be a daunting task, and leaves most brides confused as to what’s important and what isn’t. St. Louis Bride & Groom found the following for when it came to brides and their wedding planning: Almost 100% say

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Why does it seem like DJ prices are all over the place?

So you’re searching for a DJ.  You call several entertainment companies, get quotes, they all tell you what they do (or some just tell you what equipment they use), and you’re left with a list that leads to more questions. Why does this DJ cost $1500+, but this one only costs $150 (and everything in between)?  What’s the difference?  Don’t they all just show up and play music? Quality should be your main concern. The simple answer to this is

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Single Op. -vs.- Multi Op.

I know the first thing that came to mind when you read this headline, “What are you even talking about?”  Most people when shopping for a DJ service don’t even know to look into what this is when shopping for a DJ, they just hit up Google for “DJ in (insert your city here)”.  Here’s the difference: Multi Op. – This is a DJ service that has multiple performance systems and personnel.  This is a company that handles multiple events

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Don’t get a photo booth until you read this!

So, you’re planning your wedding, and when you get to the part where you choose your wedding DJ & entertainment you think to yourself, “Hmmm, I was at a wedding where there was a photo booth, and I really liked that.” Photo booths have been a popular option for a number of years now.  However, photo booths have a lot of limitations.  For starters they don’t work with all of the great technologies we use today.  They are also a

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What should your wedding budget look like?

Pictured above is a generally accepted guideline to what percentage of your budget should be dedicated to each part of your wedding expenses.  Of course, if you search around on the Internet you’ll find different opinions on this.  You may also place more or less importance on a honeymoon vs. accessories and pampering.  It’s not set in stone, but it’s a great guideline.  We love sharing helpful information with our customers, and our site visitors. Of course, you are reading

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Why using an iPod instead of a DJ doesn’t save you money, and is a recipe for disaster.

The photo above is from an actual wedding reception that had 120 people there for dinner. Then the iPod playlist started, and now only a few remained. As you can see there is still a lot of daylight outside, so this had to have been taken before 8pm. No matter what these other bloggers try to tell you the iPod wedding just doesn’t cut it. We have noticed several websites including blogs, and even Good Morning America talk about using

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DJ vs. Band

So, you’ve got a ring, a date, and a place.  Now is the time when most couples planning their wedding start filling in the necessary details.  Of course when it comes to entertainment this is the classic dilemma some couples face:  Do I hire a DJ or a band? Now, at SoundFire DJ we are all professional musicians as well as DJs.  I make a point of telling you this to assure you we do not have a bias toward

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