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A Surface-Level Blog!

This isn’t the only blog on this website!  We have our blog entitled, “Wedding Pro Tips” which hundreds of Northeast Wisconsin couples have found very helpful.  However, since it’s not on the top level of our page, not everyone finds it easily.  Also, we like to update our guests and clients with news besides our helpful wedding pro tips, and doing that under a blog titled “Wedding Pro Tips” doesn’t accurately describe content other than that.  Therefore, we are starting

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Another upgrade post!  We love our couples, and want to continue bringing our best in service & skill.  By having the best tools at our disposal, it’s one more way we make it an amazing night!

Jerika’s Prom setup. For those wondering about the mirror ball, we gave it as a gift to Jerika & Jen after this event. If you do like the look of the mirror ball though, let us know! The gorgeously rustic Woodwalk Gallery in Door County! With our elegant Premier service as a tasteful juxtaposition. This is a big one!  After 6 years of our trusty QSC system, we have upgraded to the top of the line powered JBL speaker system.

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Jerika’s Prom

While not directly wedding related, I wanted to write about this a little here on the blog.   Yes, we do events like this at least once a year, and this has certainly been the most high profile of any of them.  The reason I want to talk about it is because it has a lot to do with what SoundFire DJ’s philosophy has been for a few years now – and that is it’s all about meeting our client’s

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We’ve gone and done it again! 2016 Upgrades!

A clean setup that allows you to see the DJ work their magic. Notice the pristine wire management (with over 70 ft of wiring used to connect power and control cables to the lighting alone). This picture was taken shortly after setup had been completed. The extra transport bags on stage were removed prior to guest arrival for an extremely clean appearance. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback over the last year about our lighting panels in our Premier

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Invitation Ideas

For the fall wedding season it’s about that time to order and send invitations!  We’ve gone ahead and curated some great ideas to help you find unique ideas sure to stand out from the rest.  Links and pics to follow! Funny Invitation Ideas Fall Wedding Invitation Ideas For other great wedding ideas be sure to check out our Pinterest board of curated ideas for Brides, Grooms, Reception concepts, and more! Visit SoundFire DJ’s profile on Pinterest.

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Its been a great year so far, wedding season start, continued education, and UPGRADES!!

Prime Wedding Season Kick Off Prime wedding season has already begun and is going well!  We have lots of events, final meetings, and more on our calendar coming up.  I feel truly blessed to be a part of every one of our couples’ wedding day.  It’s an honor and a privilege serving every single one of you, and I want to thank those who have had their wedding already this year, and for those yet to come!  I also want

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A helpful word on wedding budgets. PART 1

It’s that time of year again.  The time when most couples have been recently engaged, and are on the path to begin planning their wedding.  This is a new experience for most couples, and they don’t know where to start, or the big question on their minds are usually, “How much does everything cost?” The days of tradition where the family-of-the-bride funds the event seems to be fading too with more couples funding their wedding themselves.  Also, the expectations at weddings has

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A helpful word on wedding budgets. PART 2

So, we have an appropriate number for our guest list to reflect our budget.  Now what do we do? Now we allocate the different portions of our budget!  As a disclaimer, the following allocations are mere suggestions based on our research, and experience helping couples plan their weddings.  They are not hard & fast rules.   We will use the dollar amount and figures from PART 1 of this blog post.  We will even give the breakdown for the “Tight

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How to tell if your DJ is actually a DJ!

So, most mobile DJs, especially when they specialize in weddings and private parties, will tell you that these skills/factors are the order of importance when making an evaluation about the DJ you select: 1. Emcee skills 2. Musical knowledge and ability 3. Customer Service 4. Equipment used This is 100% true, and we agree. For the purpose of this blog entry we’re going to focus on that number 2 spot.  This is an important, and often overlooked skill when it comes

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Wedding Season is in full swing!

We have been well into the wedding season since March already!  It’s been a great few months, and we’re gearing up for the busiest part of our year to come!  We’ll be getting in touch with couples again shortly to make sure we are doing everything we can to help with your wedding planning.  Every wedding we’ve had (including one where we were called literally the day before to perform) has been a huge success.  We look forward to each

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